Interesting Things To Do In Shepparton


Shepparton genuinely offers all the attractions and activities you would actually want in a regional city. 

So, after visiting fun planet in Shepparton, maybe you should give the list below a shot:

Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) 

One of the top local art museums in Australia is here in Shepparton. 

This was established in 1936 and uncovered award-winning designs for a shocking new, environmentally-friendly structure in 2017. At the point when we composed this article in April 2020, work was scheduled to be finished by 2021. SAM stays open to the general population, barring a Covid closure, introducing a collection that has been increased over 80 years. 

For 50 of these, the museum has had some expertise in nearby and global ceramics, spreading over a few hundred years and including contemporary indigenous pottery. 

As well as selections from this significant collection, there will be up to seven exhibitions going on while you visit, while SAM likewise curates an energetic timetable of programs and functions. 

Shepparton Art Museum

Shepparton Motor Museum 

Vehicle aficionados this is the spot for you. The museum’s routinely rotating exhibits of over 100 vehicles including classic, legacy, and muscle cars, motorcycles, and vintage bikes. Likewise in plain view are petroleum memorabilia, signage, and other artifacts pertaining to the historical backdrop of motoring. 

The Statue of Joseph Furphy (Tom Collins) – Joseph Furphy Memorial Park 

Situated on Welsford Street, just down from the Museum, the sculpture of Joseph Furphy is a straightforward portrayal of a man boiling a billy and holding a book. The plinth behind him has a strange dedication: JOSEPH FURPHY writer utilizing the nom de plume TOM COLLINS (a spreader of bits of gossip and yarns) he lived and wrote here (where a little cottage overlooked a bend of the Goulburn River) while working by day in his sibling John’s foundry. These trees a wilga and a kurrajong he brought back from his outback excursions as a bullock driver and transporter in the northern Riverina of New South Wales. His novel SUCH IS LIFE remarkably communicates his adoration for learning, a life of difficult work, egalitarianism, and the humor and narratives of a nearly disappeared AUSTRALIA. It has consistently been cherished by the wise.

Hire A Kayak Or Canoe 

With all the water accessible in and around Shepparton, it would be a disgrace not to exploit. Float down the Goulburn River on your own personal kayak or canoe leasing for 60 minutes, half-day, or an entire day. Investigate the waterways and get a little exercise. With regards to activities in Shepparton, this must be truly outstanding and generally fun. 

Moooving Art Shepparton 

Greater Shepparton is acclaimed for its dairy industry, which makes up a major piece of the zone’s economy, while cows are a perpetual piece of the landscape. 

To respect this and help raise the profile of the city, there’s a group of exactly 90 fiberglass cows, painted with a wide range of strange and awesome patterns. 

These life-sized cows can be found across Greater Shepparton, at gardens, play areas, public spaces, and nearby organizations, numerous in places you could never anticipate. 

You can monitor the herd and new additions by means of the tourist office’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Walking and Cycling 

Shepparton and the encompassing towns offer 18 planned strolling trails and 21 cycling trails. Get your exercise in town, in parks and reserves, and in rustic landscapes. Complete guides are accessible. 

Just two hours from Melbourne, Shepparton is a countryside town totally situated for an escape from the city. It’s ideal for a weekend escape.

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