The Most Creative Wedding Bombonieres Ideas To Consider

If you’re married or you want to feel inspired to see what the best Bonbonniere could be at your wedding or any other function, why not believe outside the package and be original?

You may desire to choose something more personal that reflects your special day plus relationship with your partner if you’re a modern-day bride-to-be.

Here, we have actually noted unique wedding event Bonbonniere and favours that we ensure your guests will use and take pleasure in! Check my review here to choose various Bombonieres Shops and Providers here in Melbourne.

Nail Polish Bottles


Nail Polish bottles

Your bridal shower Bonbonniere is all sorted! Nail polish makes for the perfect pair! Send a ‘Mani Thanks’ to your guests with labelled polish bottles as a pretty and practical favour choice.

Coffee Beans

Coffee bean

Just get a small hessian sack or kraft box, include a generous quantity of coffee beans bought from a local provider, and seal with a personalized label of you plus your cherished wedding dates for the best mix.

Mini Pretzels


Mini pretzels

No! Standard pretzels don’t make the cut for your perfect Bonbonniere. Attempt these chocolate dipped pretzels that can be collaborated with your colour scheme.

Custom Heart Cookies

Cookie heart shape

Bake using your favourite cake flavour– vanilla, red velour or even chocolate– for the best Bonbonniere.

Picture Frame

picture frame

Absolutely nothing holds memories more than a photo of you and your loved ones at a wedding event you participated in. This would not only be the perfect takeaway gift for your special day, but your guests can also remember your wedding by catching a valuable moment!

Dessert In A Box

Desert in a box

Feeling hungry? We have actually got you covered with this delightful and charming Bonbonniere idea.

Perfect Wedding Tags

These tags will be the perfect ‘touch’ to your preferred Bonbonniere.

wedding tags

Wine Corks

Wine corks

Take an uninteresting old cork and turn it into something special! These would incorporate perfectly to anyone’s winery or outdoor wedding and your visitors will absolutely be putting your Bonbonniere to good use.

Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chocolate wedding favours

Now, here’s a Bonbonniere nearly everyone can enjoy! Chocolate wedding event favours are an actually charming and tasty present when matched with a cute box.

Mini Succulent Plants

Mini cactus

An incredible method to include some plant and nature to any outdoor-themed wedding event.



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