Planning An Engagement Party 101: Everything You Need To Know

Opportunities are, quickly after you get engaged you share the news with the world or a minimum of the part of the world that’s on social media. However numerous couples (and their households) enjoy marking the event of their engagement with a celebration. 

I like engagement parties! They’re such a terrific way to commemorate the change in your relationship and to share the excitement with your loved ones!

 Engagement Party

What Is An Engagement Celebration, Anyhow?

Once your engagement news is out, everyone you like will want to praise you– and let’s be honest, a party’s a lot more enjoyable than a telephone call. An official engagement celebration is also the ideal time to present key loved ones for the very first time (like your moms and dads) who are about to be seeing a lot of each other– and potentially assisting prepare your wedding together– over the next couple of months (and years!). 

It’s the very first time you’ll have different groups of generations and friends really learning more about each other in a more intimate method.

Who Throws The Engagement Celebration?

Generally, the bride-to-be’s parents are expected to host the very first official celebration, then the groom’s moms and dads can throw their own party (yes, you can have more than one engagement celebration). However, this way of doing things is by no indicates the rule. 

Both sets of moms and dads can come together to co-host an engagement party, the couple can toss one themselves or friends of the couple can do the honours.

Here are a couple of things to consider as you start preparing your engagement celebration:

The Host

There was a time when wedding event duties had really clear lines drawn around them, showing who did what. Back then, the engagement celebration was constantly hosted by the bride’s moms and dads. 

Nowadays, those lines are becoming more blurred every day! Both sets of moms and dads may come together to share hosting responsibilities, the couple might select to hold the engagement celebration themselves, or a close friend may decide to toss it. Since the ones hosting the celebration are the ones who spend it, this is an essential choice to make before any other planning gets underway.

Visitor List

It is necessary to bear in mind that the visitors who are invited to an engagement party hosted by the couple or their parents will probably expect an invitation wedding. This does not imply you need to hash out your entire wedding event visitor list prior to you can have an engagement celebration, though! 

However, it DOES indicate that you need to talk with your fiancé as you choose whom to welcome to the engagement celebration, to be sure that both of you will be more than happy to welcome these people to the wedding, too. , if the party is being hosted by someone else (like a friend or another family member) the etiquette on whom to invite is much more relaxed!! For enjoyable activities that will dazzle your guests, simply click to read more.

Pick A Date

The very best time is within the first few months of engagement. The enjoyment is still fresh, and any prospective wedding event preparation stress has yet to begin! It’s standard to toss your engagement party no later than 3 months after the initial announcement, that way you can choose a date while the news is still fresh in everyone’s minds– and prior to the genuine company of wedding preparation begins to set in. 

Or even better, why not reveal the news at the celebration? There’s nothing quite as romantic as a surprise engagement to keep your visitors talking long previously your wedding day.

Pick A Venue.

Engagement parties can be small or as big and as formal or informal as you’d like, offering you lots of flexibility when it pertains to the location. A celebration at your moms and dads’ house or in your aunt’s yard is a charming low-key alternative, while the personal dining-room at your preferred dining establishment is an excellent option for something a little more formal and intimate.

Engagement Celebration Style: Informal Or Formal?

While mixed drink and canapé occasions might be progressively common, they are by no implies the only alternative. Why not break with tradition and attempt an elegant brunch, long and lazy lunch or an elegant candlelit dinner? Simply make sure to keep the lines of communication open with your visitors so that they can prepare or dress appropriately. 

If for example, you are preparing a more casual celebration, then why not set the tone ahead of time by producing an enjoyable and interactive Facebook event or site that visitors can respond to? Or if your event is more of a formal affair then make sure that your guests are notified well in advance, that way you can avoid any awkward wardrobe faux-pas.

Send Out Engagement Party Welcomes With Plenty Of Preparation

For the best engagement party attendance, let your guests know the date as soon as possible. Or if you’ve chosen your wedding invitation designer already, see if they’ll give you a special rate. And don’t worry if you haven’t settled on a colour palette yet– your engagement party invites don’t need to match the rest of your stationery.

Prepare A Toast

One thing to bear in mind while preparing your engagement celebration is that you and/or your future husband should give a short speech or toast. Unlike your wedding event where the best male or housemaid of honour will make the toasts, this is your reward to invite your visitors and thank them for celebrating with you. 

It does not need to belong, just something to show your appreciation to your family and friends and how you’re eagerly anticipating commemorating again at your upcoming wedding. When that will be as well if you have set a wedding date already this is a great time to let your guests know.

Decide On A Menu

Another important element when planning an engagement party is, of course, the food. You certainly don’t have to serve a five-course sit-down dinner with an open bar (unless you want to), but there should definitely be something to sip and munch on at your party. If you’re not serving a full course, you should pick a time in between typical meals and make it clear on the invitation, so your guests know what to expect.

No need for a five-course dinner, but there should definitely be something to munch and sip on at your party. Tapas or appetisers will definitely work.


When it comes to decorating, you can always set a theme. Focus on the basics, flowers, lighting, even candles to set the right mood.

For a luxurious venue, a centrepiece is the main attraction for the table. We adore vases in all shapes and sizes, as long as your guests can still view the room from their seat.

Pick A Theme

There is no rule stating that the engagement party theme needs to match that of the wedding. It is entirely your choice whether you want wow factors or simplicity, so pursue whichever theme you want– or choose no theme at all. Just be sure to envision how you would like the space to look, including colours, lighting, and accent pieces.

Register For Gifts

Try to finish your registry before the party. Many people are going to want to buy you a gift once they know you are engaged.

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