Reasons Why PUBG Is Better Than Any Other Battle Royale Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield is the very first Battle Royale game which brought an extreme change in the gaming neighbourhood. It was the game that made players comprehend the new fight royale genre although having Dayz and H1z1.

Presently, we have actually seen that many fight royale games are showing up every day. With each new battle royale game, we get to see some individuality in regards to gameplay and settings. 

Out of all, battle royale games like Fortnite Battle Royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Call of Duty Blackout are leading the fight royale flock. Today I am going to discuss the top aspects of PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield that makes it much better than any other Fight Royale video game. Also, see 5 BEST Phones for PUBG under Rs 10000 in India, Check details here.

Shooting Mechanics

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground shooting mechanics is one of the very best. The realistic shooting with various recoil on each and every weapon with some other characteristic features is what makes it more fascinating. There is no fight royale video game which can provide the exact same shooting experience as PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield.


PUBG gives gamers the ability to run over opponents with a jeep! Consider some of the other appealing car options that are available to players if that reality isn’t sufficient to validate PUBG’s status as the best battle royale video game. There are several kinds of drivable automobiles in PUBG consisting of:

  • Motorcycles
  • Jeeps
  • Dune buggies
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Boats

Numerous Maps

PUBG has actually achieved what Fortnite has failed to offer. PUBG has actually launched several maps that allow players to make use of a variety of really various play styles.

It’s Realistic

The sense of urgency literally makes gamers have sincere physical reactions to the game. I think the reasonable qualities of PUBG are more enticing than the cartoonish, excessive style of Fortnite.

Much Better Shooting

The ones in PUBG are realistic in both looks and feel. When the player shoots a gun in PUBG, they have to take into account the gun-specific recoil and how much they should adjust their gun after taking each shot.

Better Loot

PUBG is also rich with different weapons that make each match a joy. This can be something huge like a sniper rifle, or even something simple like a frying pan– which obviously one-hit-kills challengers. Players prefer to play, the loot in PUBG enables them to play how they like.

PUBG vs. Fortnite: Which Will Be The Last Fight Royale Standing?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


  • Excellent visuals and environment.
  • Novel “fight royale” idea.
  • Active development growing community.
  • Quick matchmaking.
  • Free
  • Bright, enjoyable graphics
  • Unique building mechanics
  • Fast matchmaking
  • Accessible gameplay


  • Gameplay can be repeated.
  • Still somewhat buggy.
  • Bothersome pop-in graphics.
  • Incorrect shooting mechanics
  • Complicated microtransactions
  • Not available natively on iOS devices


PUBG has a great deal of momentum, due to its growing user base, a departure from the FPS/survival category norms, and technically outstanding play environment. There’s still room for improvement.



  • Free
  • Bright, fun graphics
  • Unique building mechanics
  • Fast matchmaking
  • Available gameplay


  • Gameplay can be repetitive.
  • Still somewhat buggy.
  • Frustrating pop-in graphics.
  • Inaccurate shooting mechanics
  • Convoluted microtransactions
  • Not offered natively on iOS gadgets

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